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The winners...

Mrs Fielding £100.00
Miss Rhys £50.00
Mrs Daglish £20.00
Mrs Jureviciene £20.00
Miss Lum £20.00
Mrs Cooper £20.00
Mrs Brown £20.00
Mrs Foley £20.00
Miss Crumpton £20.00
Miss Nowak £10.00
Mrs Cassell £10.00
Miss Kaufman £10.00
Miss Jirjena £10.00
Mrs Zakirova £10.00
Anonymous £10.00
Mrs Sellers £10.00
Ms Parker £10.00
Miss Boothman £10.00
Mrs Greenhalgh £10.00
Mrs Lefton £10.00
Mrs Pavey £5.00
Mrs 0basi £5.00
Mrs Edmondson £5.00
Mrs Farnham-Burrows £5.00
Mrs Bignell £5.00
Miss gwilliam £5.00
Mrs Owolabi £5.00
Mrs Spurling £5.00
Miss Reynolds £5.00
Mrs nouioua £5.00
Miss Wombwell £5.00
anonymous £5.00
Mrs Gunning-Gadhvi £5.00
Miss Read £5.00
Miss Szabo £5.00
Miss Desvergnes £5.00
Ms Begum £5.00
Ms Nikanorova £5.00
Mrs Bignell £5.00
Mrs Collison £5.00

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