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The winners...

Miss Tulley £100.00
Mrs Bright £50.00
Mrs Simpson £20.00
Mrs Norton £20.00
Mrs Hemmings £20.00
Mrs Bonner £20.00
Miss Berthelsen £20.00
Mrs Cooper £20.00
Mrs fletcher £20.00
Miss ROWE £10.00
Miss Clark £10.00
Miss Harvey £10.00
Miss britton £10.00
Mrs Byres £10.00
Mrs PREECE £10.00
Mrs Robottom £10.00
Mrs Burchill £10.00
Miss Shutt £10.00
Mrs Hawkins £10.00
Mrs Wood £10.00
Mrs Staunton-Lamb £5.00
Miss Barnes £5.00
Miss Barnard £5.00
Mrs Stefaniak £5.00
Mrs Garnai-Davies £5.00
Mrs Murray £5.00
Miss Wendes £5.00
Ms Doswell £5.00
Mrs williams £5.00
Mrs Hirst £5.00
Mrs Saunders £5.00
Mrs Diaz £5.00
Mrs Powell £5.00
Mrs Stasiuk-Niedzielczyk £5.00
Miss ryan £5.00
Mrs Sims £5.00
Miss Greaves £5.00
Mrs Carter £5.00
Mrs Lawson £5.00
Miss Fleetwood £5.00

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